Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Listening To You

The music business is incredibly hard to succeed at.  I've always felt that it's a lowest common denominator thing.  Meaning you have to have something for everyone, so people will buy your music and put your singles on the charts.  So you can get famous, make lots of money and be on MTV.  No wait, they don't play music videos anymore.  Ok then...VH1...no they don't do it either.  Forget it, where was I?

Then there are some of us that don't listen to that music, because it's...ummm...crap.  Some bands...in fact most bands...create music, because they have to.  It's in their DNA...they were born to do it.  These are the bands we are devoted to and love.  We own all their albums and see every show we can.  These are the bands that should be huge, but never will be...sadly.  Maybe they'll be huge in Belgium, right Cliff.

 One of the bands that should be huge is Ted Leo and the PharmacistsI've just recently gotten into this band and have yet to hear a bad song.  This is what pop music should sound like.  It's original...not the same cookie cutter stuff "they" tell you is good.  Strong melodies, lyrics and musicians that can play their instruments.  Don't take my word for it...watch the videos and then follow the link to buy all their albums.  Seriously...ENJOY!!!

I'm always looking for "New Music To Me."  If there is anything you want to suggest, please do.  Cheers!!

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