Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Odds and Sods 2

Second verse same as the first, a little bit louder and a little bit worse.

Surprisingly, I managed to fit in well at a rather large cookout/party we went to last weekend.  It was a lot of fun, but it surprised me, because I have a tendency to fight myself on participation.  The more people there are, even if I know all of them, the more I withdraw and just watch.  I've always had something against "small talk."

VH1 or whomever makes the Classic Albums series, needs to do more.  Suggestions would be London Calling and Aqualung.  Also, they need to replay the couple I missed.  Damn the Torpedoes and 2112/Moving Pictures really need to be shown multiple times.  Such a great series for music nerds like myself.  I just like to sit there and absorb the information.  I didn't know Alan Parsons was the engineer on Dark Side of the Moon, but I do now.  This just made me laugh at how meaningless this is to just about everyone, but me.

I'll be playing Fantasy Football this season.  Yes, yet another nerdy thing I do...I have embraced my inner nerd.  Don't you understand being a nerd these days is equivalent to being the "big man on campus" from years past.  Think about it...smart guy/girl...creative...interesting...go to a good college...have a career plan...etc.  The jock gets that injury and boom...you have an overweight gym teacher.  Ok, rant over...I digress.  Where was I?  Fantasy Football, right, check...I normally just play Baseball.  I've always followed MLB and it's my favorite sport.  Hockey is very close to being tied for 1st.  I have played Fantasy Football in the past and have done well...I think I do pretty well in all the fantasy sports I play.  I tend to be in contention most of the time.  The past couple of years however, I've watched less and less of the NFL.  It just doesn't really interest me anymore.  I committed to the league, so we'll see how it goes.  I'll keep you updated.  I'm currently in 2nd place in my Fantasy Baseball league with a playoff spot wrapped up.

Hall Passes:

Mr. Big are currently writing songs for a new album.  The original lineup of Sheehan, Gilbert, Martin and Torpley are back.  Paul Gilbert is touring Europe starting in November.  They will probably begin recording at the beginning of 2011.  Yes, I'm obviously super excited about this.

The Black Crowes are celebrating the 20th anniversary (believe it or not) of Shake Your Money Maker, which was their debut album.  One of the greatest American bands in the past 20 years.  Just grossly overlooked.


There is a sun tan place near me in Providence, RI trying to bring in customers with this ad: "Come on in, you could look like Snooki or Pauly D from the Jersey Shore."  I guess if your one of those people that spray tan or lie in tanning beds this would be effective advertising, but really, the Jersey Shore.  Do you lose brain cells while you tan?


Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt keep themselves in the media eye.  It's all they have and it's sad.  We're divorced, plastic surgery and now we're back together.  I predict a murder/suicide for their final act one of these days and I don't care.  

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  1. First of all, I didn't know you were at the cookout! Oh wait, I didn't know I was at the cookout!

    Totally with you on the Classic Albums deal, I just wish I knew when the hell it was on. This could engage further discussion; which albums do/do not deserve to have an hour of info committed to them?