Thursday, October 28, 2010

In Search Of The Lost Record

I just got home from my adventure of searching aimlessly for records.  I used to do this on an almost weekly basis, back in the good old days when I had money.  Now it happens around my birthday (which today is) and Christmas (which today isn't).  I tried to enlist a friend of mine to come with me.  He was otherwise obligated, but there will be other quests.

I do most of my record shopping by myself, as my wife the trooper she is, would rather take knitting needles to her eyes, than wander the store with me.  She put in her service when we were dating and she does love music, but not digging for records.  The idea of going with someone was kind of novel, because it rarely, if ever, happens.  However, my friend and I are like minded and it probably would have been a good time.  It's nice to bounce thoughts about records off another person.  Have you heard this?  Is this any good?  Etc...

I made my list of lost records the night before.  They aren't really "lost" per se, I just don't have them.  Some titles that made the list would be brand new to me, records I've been meaning to pick up or records I needed to replace.  When I say replace it's usually for a couple of different reasons.  I have let people borrow albums and had them fall in love with it.  So, I let them keep it.  I've literally purchased London Calling, 4 or 5 times over the years.  I don't really have a favorite album.  My tastes are very diverse and change constantly, but if I was ever hooked up to a lie detector...being asked what my favorite album of all-time was?  I could say London Calling and pass...probably.  I had some cds borrowed in college without my knowledge.  I'm still working on getting them back.

Today's visit was extremely quick for me.  Only about an hour and a half, mainly because my wife called during her lunch and snapped me out of my daze.  If I don't make a list of things to look for, I just wander with no direction.  I've been in record stores for over 5 hours before, for no reason...just looking for things that pop into my head.  I did make my list and it had about 15 titles on it.  The idea is only to purchase 2 or possibly 3 things...depending on price and availability of the item.

Today's Haul:

I wrote about this album yesterday, but in doing so, I realized I didn't have it anymore.  I must have lent it to someone at some point.  Beats me.  All they had was the Import version.  Which is fine, but I like to buy CDs used and it was new, but it was actually very cheap considering.  I hope this doesn't turn into another album that people borrow and never return.  I can't afford it.

I love the band RUSH, but in actuality, I don't own that much by them.  So, this was on the list for that reason.  Neil Peart debut.  I think it's a very underrated album of theirs.  There are a lot of good songs on it.  Plus, it was on sale.  It's the remastered version and it was super cheap.  Couldn't beat it.

This album wasn't on the list.  It's Steve Vai's first solo album and a record I had as a kid on cassette.  I bought this originally in 1986/87, so I was in Junior High School.  Loved every minute of it.  It was fun, weird and at times, very heavy.  It's also how I got into Frank Zappa, but I've always been into Vai more.  I haven't had a copy of it since that cassette, but it was so familiar, I didn't need it.  Found it used today for under $6 and had to buy it.

Another successful day in search of the lost record, but it's a search that will never end.  At least, I hope not.

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  1. well... 1st off, happy birthday. I'm glad to see your hunting was not in vain. I still need to listen to Maggotbrain, Fly by Night is a fantastic record and Flex-Able... well... let's leave that with a simple "hey, I had that on cassette in junior high too!"