Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Hall Of Mediocrity Nominees

There's been a lot going on here at the Hall of Mediocrity.  The engineers, city planners, de-construction workers and various other skilled technicians, have been working very hard to make the new Hall, look a special way.  It looked way too nice.  We were afraid that the real Rock Hall members would want to join, which defeats our purpose.  We fixed it.  It's still on the water, but that's really a sewage treatment plant.  We just couldn't get it into the shot.

Our crack research staff were prepared for the inevitability of no one nominating any bands for the Hall Of Mediocrity.  There was the one loyal reader that nominated Boston and we decided not only to include his nomination, but give him a new car.  See, what happens when you participate out there in "Readerland."  You get prizes.  Tom gets a new to him...Wait, his name wasn't Tom.  Right...John gets, a "new to him," 1975 AMC Gremlin.

This car could've been yours, but Tom was the only one to chime in with a nomination.  Congratulations, John!!  (Should the car not start or tragically, blow up.  We here at For Lack Of A Better Title take absolutely no responsibility whatsoever.  Face it, it's a Gremlin.  If you actually try to drive the car, it's on you.  Plus, do you really want to be caught driving a car like this?  You like having sex, with other people, right?  So, be happy that you won metaphorically and not actually.  Then everyone wins!  Congrats again Tom...err...John!)

Alright, folks on with the nominees for the Hall Of Mediocrity.  

John's nominee and a fine choice for the HOM.  A band that came out with one of the all-time great debut albums and then spent the next 30 years trying to live up to it.  Only releasing 5 albums along the way and regularly taking 8 years in between album releases.  Also, tragically losing Brad Delp to suicide.  I'd like to make a joke, but it just seems wrong.

Bachman-Turner Overdrive
This Canadian based band had a bunch of hits during the 70's, but in-fighting and changing times led to members leaving the group and to the band officially splitting in 1979.  There have been reunions and reformations over the past 25 years, but none of the had the success of the original lineup.

Grand Funk Railroad
A band that's still slogging along.  The bulk of the group is still in tact.  Only singer/guitarist Mark Farner has left for a solo career in, Christian Contemporary Music.  They haven't released an album in over 25 years, but are still playing the old hits at tractor pulls and barn raisings.

This band deserved better, but David Coverdale messed it all up, in my opinion.  He had one the best and most underrated guitarists ever in, John Sykes.  Then fired him and the rest of the band at the completion of what would be their breakthrough album, Whitesnake in 1987.  After that success, karma really hits the band.  The follow up album doesn't do as well as expected, Coverdale puts the band on hiatus to make music with Jimmy Page and the band is no longer relevant.

A band that has recently reformed.  I guess no band really ever ends.  However, it's without Roger Hodgson, who sang a lot of their hits, including, "Dreamer," "Give A Little Bit" and "Take the Long Way Home."  They had enormous commercial success, but received little critical acclaim.  Considered one of the first "corporate rock" bands.

There we have it folks.  The nominees have been picked and inductions will take place the last week of December.  There will be two (2) inductions during that week.  Voting is still open and encouraged by you the reader.  Take the decision out of my hands.  You could win a prize like John/Tom.  Have fun!

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