Monday, November 1, 2010


They should just combine all the holidays.  I don't even know what month it is half the time.  You can't tell by what decorations are up in stores anymore.  It's not a simple thing like having your clock set 15 minutes fast, so you're never late.  It's like setting your calender 2 months ahead. 

I purchased a birthday card for my brother this past Saturday, Oct. 30th.  We were getting together for our birthdays.  He was born 4 years and 6 days after me, so we've always combined them, usually on the closest weekend.  So, what were the first holiday cards I saw?  Thanksgiving?  No, I'm not sure they actually have cards for that holiday, although they have cards for everything why not?  I saw Christmas cards.  I know the stores get the stuff out early, but it bugs me.

It brings back the horrible realization of when I was a kid on vacation in NH.  We go every year, still to this day.  It's the middle of August, sunny and warm, not a cloud in the sky, swimming in the lake with family and friends and then...the dream ends.  You see for the first time, the Back To School Sales.  It was always depressing.  When vacation is over, you're going to school.  Everyday it's a little closer, the dread grows more and more each day, as the hours tick by.

My wife and I went trick or treating with our nieces.  The kids just got the yearly toy catalogs for Christmas.  They had already circled everything in the book that they want from Santa.  So for them, Christmas is next week or next month.  Two answers I received when I asked them when Santa was coming.  So according to them, Santa will be at your house for Thanksgiving.  Get the extra-large turkey, because he's bringing a hearty appetite. 

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