Saturday, November 20, 2010

My Wife Can Eat More Than Your Wife

Yes, it's a rare weekend entry from me, but I just had to.  We woke up early (for us), to get my wife's oil changed in her car.  Which means we go out for breakfast.  We like to go to Newport Creamery, which is a local chain in RI.  They are like Friendly's, but I think, they are more consistent in service and quality of food.

We get to the restaurant and are told to sit anywhere we like.  I love when it's still early enough to do this.  They won't be too busy and we'll get great service and food, which we did.  We're looking at our menus and I'm not sure why?  We've been here a million times and we usually get pretty much the same thing every time.  Our waitress comes over to take our drink orders and I'm about to give my food order, but my wife isn't ready.  She's looking for as much food as she can get in one meal.  Our first restaurant breakfast since she's been pregnant.  This should be interesting.

Our waitress comes back, after giving us a few more minutes.  My wife is ready.  She'll have the breakfast called the "Holy Cow."  Which consists of: Three eggs, 2 pancakes or french toast, 3 sausage, 3 bacon, an English muffin or toast and breakfast potatoes.  It kinda looks like this:
Add a third egg, sausage and another plate for French toast

Then I was asked what I wanted to eat.  I meekly answered, "A short stack (2) of blueberry pancakes and some bacon...that's it."  I felt like such a wimp.  Camilla orders one of the largest breakfasts on the menu and I order the one, I usually have trouble finishing.  Which is why I only get 2 pancakes...they are filling, leave me alone. 

My wife is telling me she's hungry.  I keep telling her that the food is cooking.  It arrives a few minutes later and she tears into it.  After about twenty minutes of carnage, I actually finish my little breakfast.  It was quite the achievement for me.  Looking across the table at Camilla's plates, the only thing she didn't eat was a small burnt piece of her English muffin and her drink.  Total devastation.  We pay our waitress, who wishes us a happy holiday.  We thank her for everything , jump in the car and check the phone to see if garage called.  No messages.

We decide to try to get the couple of errands we have, done before the car is ready.  I ask my wife the question I already know the answer to, as I put the car in drive.  "How was your breakfast?"  She replies with an unexpected answer, "I'm still kinda hungry."  I just stare and drive.

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