Wednesday, November 17, 2010

You And Whose Army?

Don't ever try to give me advice.  I will do the opposite, just to spite you, myself and anyone else you can think of.  I have a default mechanism built into my brain that thinks it can: always do better, knows the answer or can figure out a way to succeed, win, get out of trouble, etc.  I know I'm the typical guy, but I have guy friends that take advice correctly.  It's not just advice though, it's really everything.  You may innocently recommend a band or an album for me.  I will not listen to it.  Although, I will see a movie or read a book that you suggest.  I'm just a difficult person to know and deal with.  Most of my conversations end up in arguments, unless, I think you know what you're talking about.  I make sense, right?  This has mostly to do with music conversations.  Don't get me started...We'll just avoid that subject.  I'm in therapy for it...I'm getting better.  I have my Mantovani albums to listen to.  Very soothing.

How my friends deal with me, I have no idea?  Wait, I haven't gotten a phone call in a long time.  Ahhh...Now I get it.  Seriously, how I'm married?  Just a total mystery how that all works?  Then again, my wife and I, are like two peas in a pod.  I can't be eccentric, because I'm poor.  So, I guess I'm just weird.  Aren't we all?  In some way, we're all pretty out there.  No...not say?  You're reading this blog.  I hate to inform you, qualify.

These are some of the main reasons you'll never see a blog entry about Religion or Politics.  I just don't care what your feelings are towards those topics.  I believe this is a fantastic thing, because I'll never judge you on those topics.  I may wonder why you like Coldplay or Radiohead, but who you voted for, is your business.  I'm not big on either subject personally.  Religion to me, is my imaginary friend can beat up your imaginary friend.  I know it's completely childish, but kinda funny too.  Politics to me, is professional wrestling.  Whomever the President is, has the belt, but did they win the election with a clean pin or was there outside interference?  Is the Vice-President going to turn heel, because he's just a lackey and thinks he will never get a shot to be champion?  Politics are a lot more fun this way, when you imagine these scenarios could take place at the White House or "The Oval Office."  See, it already has a cool stadium nickname, it all fits.  Although, Hillary Clinton doesn't make a good diva, not at all.  Oh No!!  Joe Biden has a chair!!

This is also what happens when you have a little bit of writer's block, didn't get a nap today and are over caffeinated.  Incoherent babble about subjects I wouldn't normally write about.  But, was it fun?

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