Friday, January 7, 2011

Nine By Design 17

Earlier this week I was flipping channels on the TV.  You know 1,000 channels and nothings on.  I came across an Our Gang/Little Rascals marathon on TCM (Turner Classic Movies).  I was very excited.  I used to watch them when I was a kid and will always watch them, because I think they are still funny.  Hal Roach, the creator of these comedy shorts back in the 1920's.  They started as silent shorts in 1922.  This show was also the first of it's kind for many reasons.  It featured kids as the main cast and it was also integrated.  Black and White children playing and having adventures together.  They figured this out nearly 90 years ago and we still can't get it right.  This week's list will focus on 9 of the many Rascals that a lot of us enjoyed as kids and kids at heart.

Little Rascals/Our Gang:


He was in some of the earliest Our Gang shorts, going back to the silent ones.  He would later become one of the main characters as he got older.


Stymie was the bridge from Farina, who appeared in most of the silent shorts to Buckwheat, who would appear in the later ones.  He's one of my favorite Rascals just for the lines he got.


Jackie Cooper was one the first Hal Roach Rascals to go onto stardom.  He had a 60 year career in the movies and television.  His best remembered role might be as Perry White in the original Superman movie series.


Dickie Moore is another that would go on to have success after his run in the Little Rascals.  I just wish I could find more footage of these great child actors. 


I always liked Dorothy better than Darla.  I thought Dorothy was cuter, funnier and a better fit.  Darla was just annoying.  Dorothy actually just passed away in June of 2010.


Porky played Spanky's little brother, which was Spanky's role early on.  I think they were going to try to move Porky into the main spot after Spanky got too old.  He was also the first one to say "O-Tay."


Buckwheat was often Porky's partner in mischief.  He was the last remaining Rascal from the Hal Roach era.  All the others had either gotten to old or left for other roles/careers.


I was actually not much of a fan of Alfalfa.  Probably because, he was always love struck and singing...horribly.  He was kind of a one trick pony.  Wow, I really guess I don't like him...geez.


Spanky was the full package.  He started acting in the shorts at age three.  What were you doing at age three?  I don't know what I was doing, but it wasn't acting.  He was a supreme scene stealer and destined to be the star.  He appeared in something like 95 Our Gang/Little Rascal shorts.

I hope I covered enough with the videos.  A lot of this footage is at least 75 years old.  Hard to find.  If you ever get a chance to watch the shorts, do so.  I'm sure you wouldn't be disappointed.  See you next week.  Happy Weekend!


  1. Good to see that I'm not the only fan of Little Rascals/Our Gang. Spanky and Froggy? (the one with the glasses & deeeep voice) were my favorites. BTW, I voted for your blog. (:

    In case you haven't been to my blog lately, I deleted LFF and started a new one for 2011. If you have time drop by and follow again. (only if you want)

  2. LMAO...Yeah... #1 on your Read This list!!!
    It was all planned! (;