Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Survey Says....It's A Girl!

My wife and I found out yesterday that we're having a girl.  Some tests we had done came back and we were able to find out what the sex was going to be.  All the tests came back great by the way.  We always imagined ourselves as boy parents, but once we heard it was a girl, we were thrilled.  No disappointment at all.  I've personally always said that I just want a healthy baby, like the average expectant father, but after hearing this news, I knew I wasn't full of crap.  Which is great, because I'm full of crap in other areas, so it's a relief that I truly believe that all I want is a healthy baby.  

I know my main job as father to a girl is to "keep her off the pole," as Chris Rock likes to say.  If that's all you do, you've done a good job.  I've said this before, but it's burned into my brain.  The other thing I've had burned into my brain and maybe a reason why my wife and I wanted a boy is, with a boy all you have to worry about is one dick.  With a girl, you have to worry about all of them.  Childish and juvenile, I know, but still very true.  We'll cross that path when we get to it.  We're not going to rush anything, it all happens fast enough.  

Our little girl will probably come out of the womb with a book in hand, talking about hockey, baseball, The Clash, obscure 80's one-hit wonders, fuzzy animals and getting ready to wrestle and practice MMA.  That's basically a combination of our personalities in a small nutshell.  We're excited for the journey, no matter what happens.  Just happy to be along for the ride.  I think we'll have a great time going through all the ups and downs of parenthood, knowing there's no right or wrong way to do things.  As long as we're active parents.

I'm already a sappy Dad.

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  1. Congratulations to both of you! I'll be waiting for the big day.