Friday, February 25, 2011

Nine By Design 24

Alrighty folks, I'm back again for the weekly list.  So far headache free.  That's a bonus for me.  Today's random list will be a quick one, I hope.  I have some research to do for my Fantasy Baseball Auction Draft.  I'm meeting a new rogue's gallery on Sunday.  Some I know very well and others, I've never met.  Should be fun.  I won't be the oldest there, but I'm definitely in the higher age bracket.  The list today is about Rock Drummers.  I did Rock Guitarists way back in Nine By Design 4.  It's time to do the forgotten heroes of the band.  Sorry, can't stop laughing.  If you've been around bands, you know that's a joke, but I have huge respect for guys that can play different beats with their body parts.  On with the list...

Rock Drummers:

Steve Gadd - I'm setting the level pretty high starting with Gadd.  He's one of the best studio drummers ever and you've heard his work all over the place.  He's one of those guys that always plays amazing, but doesn't show off.  His playing is very interesting.  The first time I ever paid attention to him was when he was playing on "Late In The Evening," by Paul Simon.  He was using four sticks, I'm not kidding.  Plus, the band Simon put together for that album, unreal...they smoke.

Slim Jim Phantom - Now for something completely different, but just as good.  Only plays a snare and bass drum and does it standing up.  Played in the Stray Cats if you are unfamiliar with him.  A great showman as well. 

Terry Bozzio -Now onto a drummer that plays one of the largest drum sets ever made.  Known for playing super impossible pieces, "The Black Page" for instance.  You may remember him from the new wave band, Missing Persons.

Clem Burke - Longtime drummer of Blondie, is a powerhouse.  He was the driving force behind the sound of Blondie.  Well him and Debbie Harry.  

Scott Churilla - Has played drums for two of my favorite bands.  He used to play with the Reverend Horton Heat, but now is playing with the Supersuckers.  I need to ask him about his stick spinning when I interview him.  Whenever I get off my butt to write it.  I'm such a slacker.

Nicko McBrain - Anyone with a name like Nicko has to be a drummer.  Maybe, not.  Plays barefoot, which I thought was odd, but I'm not a what do I know?  He's been the backbone of the band for nearly 30 years.

Dave Grohl - Who would've thought the most talented guy in Nirvana was the drummer?  He's gone onto play with Queens Of The Stone Age, Probot (his metal project, awesome record) amongst others and some band called the Fighters of Foo.

Stewart Copeland - Is probably my all time favorite drummer, if I had to pick.  His sense of humor, the way he plays and the fact he doesn't like Sting, all work for me.  Plus, he does stuff like this.  Too cool in my eyes.

Neil Peart -Had to end with the Professor.  It pretty much all ends with him anyways.  In the Rock world there are few, if any better.  Of course, it's all subjective.  Plus, the fact that he's the lyricist for the band.  I know it doesn't make sense really, but he is.  Those Canadians are odd, but great ducks.

Hope you liked this week's list.  It actually took me a long time, because I had to watch all these great videos.  Remember this is just 9 drummers, not the be all, end all.  Cheers, Happy Weekend!  Back to baseball research.


  1. 2 thoughts: 1) Nicko doesn't use double bass or double pedals. all that speed is from one foot. amazing. 2) if Steve Gadd is on your radar, then Jeff Porcaro needs to be (for the same reasons). He did some of his best work with Toto and Steely Dan. music lost a great one when he passed.

  2. I actually forgot about Porcaro for the list, but one session guy is enough.