Thursday, March 31, 2011

150,000 Mile Check Up

Heading to the doctor's today.  Woo-hoo, nothing I love more than going to see a doctor.  I actually don't mind it, but I'd rather go to the dentist.  I love (I'm not kidding) to go to the dentist.  Yes, I'm a weirdo.  Just heading in for my annual check up.  Get my new prescription, nothing major...just keeps me balanced.  I'm much better on them, than off them.  Let's put it that way.

I wish this was like a car getting an overhaul.  Anyone that has known me for a long time, knows that I'm a fairly broken person.  Multiple knee injuries on both knees, to the point where I've started having a little bit of hip problem.  I'll be 37 this year, not 87.  Add a newborn on the way, who will run me into the ground as soon as she can.  Put me on the lift for a couple of new knees.  Then again, I'm totally used to this.  I blew my first knee out when I was 14, so it's been this way longer than it hasn't.  Does that make sense?

My daughter will be able to beat me in a race as soon as she learns how to run in a straight line.  Most parents (some are jerks, we all know one) let their kids win.  I could run full out and still lose, because I can't run.  My unborn child is already a better athlete than her old man.  So she's got that going for her.  That's like saying you could see clearer than Sammy Davis Jr. or that you're more coherent than Mickey Rooney.  Yeah, let's make fun of those guys.  They've had more tail combined than the state of Rhode Island.  On that note, I've got nothing else.  I've said enough.

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