Thursday, May 26, 2011

Blogs I Like

I've been busy with baby stuff, so I haven't really had much to say about anything lately.  Nothing that I think is worth talking about here at least.  I thought I'd promote a couple of blogs that I follow.  It's not all about me.  At least for the 15 minutes or so it will take me to do this entry...then it's back to me.

Andrea Joseph's Sketchblog is really great.  An extremely good artist.  I wish I had half her talent.  It's not updated as often as I'd like, because I want to see more artwork, but is always a treat when a new entry hits.

Smacksy is a Mommy-blog.  Basically it's stuff her son says or does and is pretty entertaining.  She has a new post daily and hasn't missed one since she started the blog a couple of years ago.  I think that's correct and good for her, because it's not easy to have new stuff on a daily basis.

I started following both of these because, they were Blogs of Note on Blogspot.  I think it's supposed to be random, but I take a look at the blogs they pick everyday.  Looking for ideas on how to make my little doohickey here more interesting.  There's a lot of junk out there in the blogosphere (like my blog), but there are some good ones.  Always looking for new ones to follow, so drop me a line with ones you like or maybe your own.

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