Friday, May 13, 2011

Nine By Design 35

Alight folks...I actually get to do the list today.  Blogspot had been down for maintenance for quite sometime, so I wasn't sure if this was going to happen.  The streak continues though, 35 straight weeks.  Today is also Friday the 13th of May.  So it made the topic of today's list quite easy.  It will be Scary Movies.  I've seen a lot more than I expected, since I always claim not to be a big fan of them.  I guess I'm wrong, which happens a lot and will only happen more.  Without further ado, here we go.

Scary Movies:

Jaws - One of the scariest movies I ever saw, because it's reality based.  A shark could terrorize a beach town.  Well in my eyes it could.  For years, if not decades, I wouldn't swim in the ocean.  I still always think of this movie when I go to the beach.  It also doesn't help that I live relatively close to where this movie is based. 

Dead Ringers - Another one of those movie plots that "could" happen, I suppose.  Jeremy Irons really makes this movie creepy.  He's really good in this movie as the twins.  More psychological than anything else, which is more my speed than your typical monster movie.  Directed by David Cronenberg, who is brilliant...check it out.

Psycho - Do I need to say more?  Alfred Hitchcock, Janet Leigh and Anthony Perkins, just terrific.  Again more of a thriller than a horror movie.  It will scare you if you've never seen it.  Watch the original, not the remake.  Black and white is a good thing. 

Alien - We're going a little Sci-Fi here.  The trailer is masterfully done.  "In space no one can hear you scream."  Such a scary sentence, but very true.  A classic.

Halloween - The movie that started the slasher film genre or at least, popularized it.  To be able to do so much, with such little money and special effects, almost makes it scarier.  Jamie Lee Curtis and PJ Soles, so hot.

Friday the 13th - I go to a summer camp very similar to the one portrayed here.  So, this movie is always in the back of my mind when I'm there.  Also, Kevin Bacon is in this, because he's in everything.  Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon is very real.

A Nightmare on Elm St. - Another one of those, watch the original.  I haven't seen the remake, because there's no need to in my eyes.  There's only one Freddy Krueger and that's Robert Englund.  All due respect to Kelly Leak.

Scream - I love what this movie did for slasher movies.  It turned the genre on its ear.  Made it much more than a mindless, super-natural killer coming after you.  It was a smart scary movie and I love things like that.  All the things that you'd talk about with your friends, they put in the movie.  The script is genius.  A very well done film.

Saw - Anything that could technically happen in real life, scares me more.  The Saw series does that.  Jigsaw, is a great character.  Would you have the presence of mind and be calm enough to follow the directions?  I doubt I would.  I'd be all about the panic and probably end up dead. 

That's the list for this week.  Watch one or all of them.  Cheers, Happy Weekend!

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