Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Meltdown

It was bound to happen.  I had my first meltdown as a father.  I just lost it last night.  I was over tired, I have recently quit Pepsi, which was my only source for caffeine and Riley was being 4 weeks old.  She didn't want to eat, diaper had been changed, everything I could think of was being done and she still just wailed.  My wife, luckily came to my rescue and let me get to sleep.  Of course, there's more to the story than just this.  I started just going downhill, because of this situation and started the self-loathing thing I can be so good at, sometimes.  I used to be King of Depression. 

I missed Nine By Design, but there was just no possible way for me to get an entry in.  I still have the second part, the Top 15 of the 1960's Albums, I need to get on here sometime soon.  I also need to record my vocal breaks for the next radio show.  For someone that doesn't do anything, I have a lot to do.  How am I supposed to do all of this when my wife goes back to work?  I need to learn how to type faster.  Ugh...

I'll leave you with this...

The fact that: a.) He's singing "The Touch" which is from the Transformers:Animated Movie, b.) John C. Reilly is dancing his ass off and c.) They are telling Nick (played by Michael Penn, real singer/songwriter/Penn brother and married to Aimee Mann) what to brilliant comedy.

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