Monday, September 27, 2010

Big Bob's Fill In Experiment

Back in the Pro Wrestling days

Hello, people out there in readerland.  Is that a new country?  Never wrestled there...anyways...on with the introductions.  I'm Big Bob!  I'll be filling in for Derek today as he's under the weather.  I finally get to return the favors that he did for me back in college.  He used to fill-in for me on my radio show, from time to time.  Ok, every time, I did like to go out and party a little too much.  Just glad I can help out and repay him.

I figure we'll keep this opening visit short and sweet.  Plus, I'm not the greatest wordsmith.  Me no talk pretty, unless there's a microphone in my face and I get cut a promo on my opponent, but I was told that I'm not allowed to talk about mangling or bodyslamming anyone.  Maybe, we'll talk about the art of the eye gouge?  Can't talk about that either, how about the history of my intro music?  Check...tonight, I'm gonna rock ya tonight!!

"Sugar, Sugar"

This was my theme music back when I was a youngster in the wrestling world.  Simply known as "Sweet Baby Bob," my main fan base were housewives and grandmothers.  They liked to pinch my cheeks and bake me cookies.  The good old days, but my opponents often laughed at me.  So we needed to make a change.

 "On The Loose"

When some mentioned this song, I was excited to use it, but had yet to hear it.  I immediately put the paper work in with the federation to use this song.  I figured, I'd act all crazy like an escaped know, I'm On The Loose and stuff.  Made my debut without hearing it, wanted it to be a surprise.  It's pretty hard to be tough and scary with the keyboard solo.  I also "mistakenly" (I might've been drunk) checked the box that said "Indefinite Use" of the song.  So, I was stuck with it.


When someone finally explained to me what "Indefinite" meant, I got rid of the previous song.  I just wish I met that 8th grader 4 years sooner.  With this one, I finally found the perfect song.  The song is called "Stranglehold" and my finishing move was, you guessed it, The Chair to the Face, but I often used the stranglehold to set it up.  I didn't win many matches in my career...something about disqualifications, whatever that is...I still have yet to read the rule book.

Hope, you enjoyed our time here...if YOU didn't, I can find you and CONVINCE you that you did.  Ok, then...we're on the same page...a great time had by all.  I'll be back when Derek isn't feeling well again, which I could arrange for tomorrow.  He could have an accident or something....oh, hey Derek.  Just finishing up here, you should go back to bed, you don't look so good.  See you later folks...Big Bob is OUT, well technically, I'm still in, but it's my cool sign off.  

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