Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Listening To You 2

I've been thinking about "you," the audience, and how I can get more of "you."  Then it hit me...I'll write about RUSH!  Granted, this will probably have the reverse effect and alienate the 7 readers I currently have.  They are out there..."Hugs and hand pounds" for my silent supporters.  Sorry, I went Stuart Scott on you, I'll never do it again.

RUSH is quite possibly the "most popular cult band in the world."  Does that make sense?  They don't have hit singles.  In fact, I remember listening to RUSH on Rockline when I was in high school about 20 years ago.  I know I'm old and unhip, why do you think I'm talking about RUSH?  The host asked Neil Peart about a possible greatest hits album and Neil's response was, "Why?  It would be Tom Sawyer side 1 and on side 2, Tom Sawyer."  Of course, for fans of the band...that is very far from the truth.  They have a very large and loyal following.  RUSH does everything for their fans.  In fact this current tour, they are playing one of their most popular albums in it's entirety.  Moving Pictures is that good kids, one those albums you must hear before you die.

I think a lot of the attention that has been almost mystically thrown their way recently, is a push to get them nominated for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  Music television channels Palladia and VH1 Classic both have played the documentary Beyond The Lighted Stage quite a bit.  VH1 Classic also had two days of "RUSH-ashanah," playing the aforementioned documentary, classic albums series and the RUSH in RIO concert.  I'm all for it.  They might not be for everyone, but why would you listen to a band that everyone listens to?  I've never understood that.  Don't you want something that you and a close group of friends can have for yourselves?  I give you Alex Lifeson, Geddy Lee and Neil Peart...RUSH.

There you have 4 songs representing 4 decades of music from RUSH.  No band is together this long without being exceptional. 


  1. It is so hard to put my finger on a particular album as my favorite rush album. What I am usually forced to do is pick more of a time period, or a range of two or three albums that have a similar tone. This choice has a lot to do with how I feel at the time. My current mood is best complemented by Signals, Power Windows, Grace under Pressure, and Permanent Waves. I feel the dark tone of these albums from the 80's and the heart of the cold war. These albums bring back emotions very similar to the ones I find myself feeling in the dark times we are experiencing today.

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  3. Now this post I can connect with...Love this band! My ex and I went to see their concert held in Tulsa, Ok. when they were on tour for Grace Under Pressure, way back in...hmmm..1984?

    OOOhhh the memories of that night!