Friday, October 1, 2010

Nine By Design 3

This weeks list will feature comedians.  I've always been a fan of comedy in any form.  With the recent deaths of Robert Schimmel and just this week, Greg Giraldo, I felt it was fitting.  Remember, the nine "weekly picks" are not the best anything, just personal picks.  There are easily a hundred comedians I like for any number of reasons.  Picking just nine was very difficult.  Without further ado...(Remember videos are for adults only, if you are easily've been warned)

Favorite Comedians

Robin Williams:  The first comedian I got into in the mid-80's.  I saw his Live At The Met special on HBO in 1986.  I was hooked immediately.  I never knew Mork did stand up comedy, but as soon as I saw him, I needed more comedy.  Thus was the beginning of me being a comedy fan.  Robin was a student of comedy and up next is his mentor.

Jonathan Winters:  A former Marine, he fought in World War II.  A master of improv and characters, had the ability to just "go" with a subject or object.  A veteran of many movies, television shows and is still working at 84 yrs old.  He'll be the voice of Papa Smurf in the upcoming live-action movie.

Stephen Lynch:  The funny foul and incredibly wrong troubadour.  He is the son of a former priest and, I didn't make that up.  His lyrics are extremely clever, but usually mocking pop culture.  He was in the production of the Wedding Singer on Broadway for about a year. 

Steve Martin:  Most people know Martin as a movie star, but long before that he was probably the biggest stand-up comedian of the 70's.  His comedy has more to do with thinking outside the box and absurdity than actual jokes.  When he was younger he worked as a magician at Disneyland. 

Richard Pryor:  The master of stand-up.  One of the most honest comedians in history.  He talked about everything in his life, the  good and especially, the bad...on stage.  Had a lot of success in movies and television, but was never as good, as he was on stage.  He and Gene Wilder formed an excellent duo in the movies they did.

Eddie Izzard:  Yes, he dresses like a woman.  He's an executive transvestite, basically a "male tomboy."  A very intelligent man that often talks a lot about history and religion using many pop culture references.  He has been in a few movies and television shows, but I still think he's the best at stand-up.

Chris Rock:  He took over from Eddie Murphy, who had taken over for Richard Pryor.  Continues the honest brand of comedy that Pryor started.  Has been successful on television and in movies, but always comes back to his stand-up roots.  Not bad for a high school dropout.

Louis C.K.:  Is finally getting his due for being a great comedian.  C.K. is probably my current favorite comedian.  He's always funny and never disappoints.  He has a great television show on FX.  Talks about a variety of topics on stage.  I wish him all the success in the world

Bill Hicks:  Probably my all-time favorite comedian, if I ever had to name someone.  He's intelligent, observant, a little out there, but makes you think.  As abrasive as he may be and he is, without his influence there would a few major comedians, we would've never heard of.  He's an all-time great.  

As we wrap up another week here, I hope you've enjoyed this list.  Maybe you've discovered someone new or you can tell me about your favorite comedians.  Just don't mention the plague of society that is Dane Cook.  Ever wonder why the guy who was everywhere for a while, is now nowhere to be found?  People finally figured out that he wasn't funny and doesn't tell jokes.  (Rant over)  Have a great weekend everyone!!

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  1. Eddie Izzard? One of my all time favorites. We actually went to see him live on his Circle Tour a few years back. As smart as they come. Good choice.