Saturday, November 6, 2010

Hall Of Mediocrity Nominations

Way back in September, I know it's not that long ago, but just for dramatic effect.  Anyways, way back in September, I came up with the Hall Of Mediocrity.  The thought being, I or we (you, sitting out there in Readerland) could add to the Hall on a quarterly basis.  I'd like to start the nomination process, but I'd like to have some interaction with my 10-15 readers out there.  I want you to nominate who you think belongs.  The remainder of November will be the nomination period and then the first couple of weeks of December will be the cut down process.  Having Inductions during the holidays.  All bands/performers nominated must qualify under the rules we have established.  

I will be using the Rock Hall Induction Rules, as well as a couple of my own, which are as follows:

1.  There are no novelty, one hit wonder bands, such as Jimi Hendrix and The Grateful Dead...just seeing if we're paying attention.  Although, technically...they are one hit wonders.

2.  No band/performer will be inducted into the Hall of Mediocrity that are already in the "real" Hall of Fame.  I'm not taking anyone out that is already in, regardless of how I really feel about the band or performer.  You got lucky Aerosmith...very lucky.

3.  All bands being inducted are currently eligible for the Rock Hall and should they ever be inducted into the "real" Rock Hall, will be asked to leave immediately.  Those Hall of Fame bands get real egotistical, very quickly.  Plus, let's face it...they graduated to the big leagues...I'd never hold them back from going in.

Of course, I could come up with nominees on my own and I still might have to, depending on participation.  I'm just hoping this could be something fun to do for my dedicated reader(s) out there.  Tell your family, friends, enemies and strangers.  We'll limit you to 3 (THREE) nominations.  Please try to take this ridiculous concept, seriously.

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  1. How about the band Boston? 5 albums in 35 years, living off the debut album.