Monday, November 8, 2010

Odds And Sods 5

Everyone sing with me...FIVE Golden Rings!!  It'll be here far quicker than anyone wants it.  In fact, there are some radio stations by me that have already switched over to Christmas music 24-7.  I could see after Thanksgiving, but it's just too early right now.

I watched the annual Simpson's Treehouse of Horror last night and it was just horribly bad.  I know they've been on for something like 21 years, but there isn't a law that says they have to stay on the air.  The Cleveland Show Halloween episode wasn't any better.  The Family Guy Halloween show was better, but just barely.  I really like Family Guy, most of the time.  I still come back to South Park, it's always consistently good.

I'm actual size today, extra medium.

There needs to be a VH1 Behind the Music for the band, The Cars.  They have a great history and were very successful.  Plus, they are currently working on a new album.  It just needs to be done.

 The weather today has decided to try and have every nasty component possible.  High cold winds, it snowed last night and will rain later today.  A good day to stay in and listen to music/watch movies.  Not that I thought for a minute about going outside.  What's the record for naps in one day?

Why do all charitable events involve something physical?  Why can't it be lounging for charity?  I can watch the hell out of a TV.  I would do that for a solid 24 hours for AIDS, Cancer or anything else that needs money really.  Hangnail research?  $5 an hour for 24 hours, could be achieved easily.  Multiply that by 25 people donating and you could raise a ton of money.  It's a thought that should be taken seriously.  Then us fat guys can raise money for charity too.

Honor Roll:

The San Francisco Giants and their fans for winning the World Series.  Great pitching got them over a Texas Rangers team, that also had a great season. 

That Metal Show on VH1 Classic, for extending the program to an hour.  It's a lot more interesting now that you have some time to talk about a variety of things, with multiple guests.


The Law & Order franchise.  Isn't it time?  I mean, when was the last time any of these shows were interesting?  I love this franchise.  I still watch original L & O episodes in syndication if there isn't anything else on, because I know it'll be good.  I used to like Criminal Intent, but they've made far too many changes over the years.  Special Victims Unit can be a little too much at times.  It's easily the most graphic show of the franchise.  I won't even watch the new show.  Just retire it.

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