Monday, December 13, 2010

The Extra-Medium Sized Review: Tin Horn Prayer - Get Busy Dying

Where to begin?  Beginning at the beginning has been done to death.  Tin Horn Prayer, is sort of a Denver, CO supergroup.  Is being a supergroup a good thing?  There's a different answer for everyone involved when asked a question like that.  Bands like Bad Company, Asia and Journey can be called "supergroups."  I think it's an unfair misnomer for this band.  How about current project?  It sounds less pompous than that other word from the 1970's.

Get Busy Dying is their debut album, released by Bermuda Mohawk Productions.  I was happy to see that not only did it get released in CD format, but also vinyl.  A vinyl record is just a special thing to have, which you should already know.  If I have to sit here and explain why, it's already lost on you.  So, kudos to the boys.  I'm sure they get it.  Enough of my rambling, you want to know about the music. 

Here's the big question:  Who do they sound like?  They sound like Tin Horn Prayer.  I know, not the answer you're looking for.  You want a description of some other bands that may sound a bit like them, so you can "judge a book by it's cover."  Guess what, I'll do that, but I'm also going to provide you with enough links to sample their music, that you'll be able to make up your own mind.  On with the awkward comparisons.

If a gun was held to my head this is what I'd say.  If you got the Band, with their Appalachian Americana sound and they got together and had a baby with The Pogues, with their fun pub, folk punk sound.  Then, that baby hung out way too long with Tom Waits in the back of a club, drinking shots and smoking cigarettes, you'd be close.

The sound of this album for me is just having a nice get together with a bunch of people.  Sitting in the backyard around a fire, with some guitars, some drinks, singing and playing songs together.  Having a grand ole time.  The songs flow like that on the record.  "Better Living," starts off the record at a nice pace.  A great sing along.  "Crime Scene Cleanup Team," changes it up a tad, let's you know the album isn't a one trick pony.  Songs like "Devil Makes Me" and "Memory," take the tone down a bit.  We're not all fun and games, we're a little more serious than we let on.  You still get some fun songs like, "Louis Collins" and "Wretch."  "Wretch" actually starts out serious, but halfway through the song, the band kicks it up.  It has a nice call and response vocal, that will get you singing along, by the end of it.  One song in particular, "1939," sounds like Rocket From The Crypt to me.  Which is in no way a bad thing, in my opinion, at least. 

I'm not going to rate the album.  I don't have some dumb rating system.  What I will do is strongly advise that you pick it up, download it, whatever, just get it.  It's a very strong debut, by a bunch of guys that have been around the block a few times.  Hopefully, this will become a full-time gig for everyone involved and we can look forward to a tour (come to New England) and second album.

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