Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Odds And Sods - Holidazed Edition

I really love the holidays.  I don't mind driving to the different sides of the family, because I haven't had to do both sides in one day yet.  Normally, my wife and I would go to my Mom's for Thanksgiving and have Christmas a week early with her.  Then we'd do Christmas day at my in-laws house.  It's always worked out well.  Things will be changing, since next year we'll have a baby and I'm sure both sets of soon-to-be Grandparents will want their time on the holidays.  Thankfully, they don't live to far apart currently.  Things could change on that front...stay tuned.

I'll admit, I do watch some reality television, but I try not to watch too much of it.  I tend to watch more educational shows.  I know technically a show like American Pickers is reality, but you learn a lot about history as well.  I do like the reality shows that have a competition aspect to them.  Survivor has been decent this season.  No one is really controlling it this year, so it could be anyone's to win.  There just hasn't been a person that you can see coming back as an all-star.  Naonka would have been that one, but she quit, which was just dumb.  The other show that is like a white-trash Olympics is, The Road Rules/Real World Challenge.  If you've never seen it, check it out.  Steroid amped guys and prima donna girls, go against each other in battle.  It's basically Survivor, but you don't have to worry about being liked.  Being good in challenges is the main goal.  Plus, it's the only watchable thing on MTV, since there are no more videos.  They have shows called: 16 and Pregnant.  Sure, let's promote that...

Honor Roll:

I just want to send out my congratulations to my friend, Harris and his wife, Amy.  They just had their first child.  I'm happy everything went well and everyone involved came out healthy.


We all know that commercials are for the most part dumb and holiday ones, even more so.  I don't know if any commercial is dumber than this one.

They are looking for the car and they brush off a black one first, but no that's not the right one.  They hit the button on the phone and find the car.  Of course, the first car isn't yours.  Your car is WHITE...not BLACK.  A little snow isn't going to hide that important fact.  Also, "Our House" by Madness has been ruined for me.  Thanks Verizon...

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