Monday, January 17, 2011

Through The Eyes Of Babes

During the birthday party yesterday, my niece, Brains, came over and sat on my lap.  She looks at me and says, "We don't have school tomorrow."  I said to her, "Do you know why?"  She answers, "Yes, it's a holiday."  I then say, "Correct, do you know why it's a holiday?"  She then pauses and starts thinking.  I say to her, "It's Martin Luther King, Jr Day.  Do you know why it's an important day?"  She then responds, "Yes, he helped make sure the black people were equal to everyone else."  I was a little surprised that she knew it.  I was also pretty proud and impressed, like she was my own kid.  I told her, "that she was correct and did an excellent job."  She said she learned it on Friday at school and remembered it.  I told her, "She should always remember it."  She smiled and said, "I will."  Then went off to play with the kids.  She's six, but still made me very happy that she was so aware and not just happy that there was no school.

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