Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Extra-Medium Sized Review : Joe Fletcher & The Wrong Reasons - White Lighter

I think too many reviews/reviewers try to pigeonhole albums/musicians.  The band/album sounds like "so and so," because the reviewer isn't sure what they are hearing.  White Lighter, the second album by Joe Fletcher & The Wrong Reasons, doesn't fit easily into any category.  That right there is the beauty of this album.  There is influence dripping from every part of this record.  Whether you like classic country, singer/songwriters/rock n roll/blues or folk; it's all here for you.

Joe Fletcher can really paint a visual picture with his words.  He tells wonderful stories from his own weary and well worn world.  The lyrics sound like first hand accounts and experiences from life itself.  The music fits each song perfectly.  For example, the song "Flat Tire" which gets you moving like you're driving in a car, has a fantastic flow to it and builds to a sneaky guitar solo.  Then skip forward a couple of songs to "Front Porch," which feels like a group of friends just started playing whatever was around, instrument or not.  It still sounds right, like this is how the song was meant to be played.

The guest performers are a who's who from the Providence, RI music scene.  Most of the people on this album have been mentioned in this blog in some way.  There are members of the Throttles, Brown Bird and Alec K. Redfearn himself playing on multiple songs.  One name I am unfamiliar with however is Lily McCall Costner.  She adds a very subtle, but striking contrast on the songs she appears on.  If it was never there in the first place, it wouldn't hurt the song, but knowing her voice is there, you can't live without it.  Her vocals work very nicely in conjunction with Joe's vocals.  "Every Heartbroken Man" is a great example of what she adds.

I'll wrap this review up with this; Joe Fletcher is a unique talent.  He has the ability to write a song that sounds like it was written in the 50's, during the heyday of the Grand Ole Opry, rock out with the best of 'em and sing like a time tortured Delta Bluesman.  You get all that in one package, on one album.  I hope this is just the beginning of many great things from him and The Wrong Reasons.  Definitely worth your time and money.

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