Monday, February 7, 2011

Not For Long

I woke up this morning and had no clue what to write about.  It has nothing to do with a Super Bowl hangover, since I don't drink at all.  In fact, where I was last night, it was more entertaining to play with the my friends kids than it was to watch the game.  Full Contact Monkey In The Middle, is quite the game.  The game, the football game that is, was a good game.  Very close.  I'm glad Green Bay won.  I just can't cheer for Ben Roethlisberger considering his shady persona. 

Going forward, this is the last NFL game, probably for a long time.  I'm not the biggest American Football fan by any means.  All the end of the season usually means to me is I don't have to see the numerous talking heads on ESPN, Fox and various other channels on the boob tube.  Now, since the owners are about to "lock out" the players due to not having a working agreement going forward.  It's all I'm going to see on any sports channel. 

Let's get some things straight.  The NFL has surpassed MLB for the most popular sport in the USA.  There are billions of dollars in play.  Enough money to make both sides happy.  If both sides come up with fair requests, this can get done, but both sides will always try to get more than the other guy.  Personally, I hope they do get "locked out."  I'd laugh my ass off.  "Hey, let's mess up a sure thing." 

The NFL, if you talk to players and coaches, stands for "No Fun League," since they fine coaches, players and teams for a variety of things throughout the season.  It also stands for, "Not For Long," which usually refers to a players career, which I think averages about 3 years in the league.  It could also refer to it being the most popular sport in the USA.  MLB was always number one and then it had the strike and people still have a hard time forgiving them.  The players strike in MLB happened over 15 years ago.  The NFL should think about that.  They could quickly sour their fans on the product, arguing about billions of dollars.  They should remember that the people that cheer for them on a weekly basis, purchase the tickets and merchandise; don't make their kind of money and don't get paid for playing a kids game. 

Hopefully, they all get a clue.  If not, I'll be there waiting with a huge smile on my face, shaking my head in disgust.  

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