Monday, February 14, 2011

In A Pinch

In case you find yourself in a pinch and need some help on Valentine's Day.  I have the solution.  Music never fails.  Put these tunes on the Hi-Fi and he or she will melt into your arms, legs or whatever else you have in mind.

Mr. Romance himself, Jonathan Richman

And again, he really is Mr. Romance

Pixies true love song

About as perfect and innocent as it gets
The highly underrated Henry Phillips (who I will be interviewing in the future)
Stephen Lynch (audio only)
Okay, for the last two, he or she might run away screaming from you, but if they don''s true love.  A good tester.  Happy Valentine's Day.  It was either this or have me rant about this horrible made up, make people feel bad about themselves, commercial holiday.  So, I took the higher road, not the highest, but the medium high road. 

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