Friday, February 11, 2011

Nine By Design 22

I'm back one more time for another fun filled list of the week.  I'm actually fighting a headache as I type, so this one could be Fast and in honor of my good friend Paul Walker, but not "that" Paul Walker, Furious.  I'm afraid I might turn into one of the comic book Villains I'm about to profile.  I did the noble Heroes, in last week's list.  As the Black Eyed Peas lip-synched, "Let's Get It Started."  Not to be confused with, "Who farted?"  I writing this stuff and have yet to take any medication for my head, oh boy, could be an interesting entry.


Lex Luthor is a prototypical villain.  A genius that will stop at nothing to end Superman and/or the entire DC Universe.  Comes within inches of fulfilling his evil plans, but is usually thwarted.  Aren't they all usually thwarted.  What a great word, "THWART."

Magneto is another main villain that doesn't exactly want to take over the world, as he wants everyone to follow him.  A mutant cult leader in a way I suppose.  I never got on the mutant fun ride that was the X-Men.  Although, I do remember him extracting Wolverine's adamantium skeleton with no Novocaine.  "This will only hurt for a minute.  Okay, so I lied."

Harley Quinn is the partner of the Joker, who we'll see later...not if he sees you first.  Then you'd be dead.  Oh, back to Ms. Quinn.  She's a Virgo that likes long walks down dark alleys and poisons, so she can kill you.  Is it obvious that I don't much about her?

Bullseye is a brutal villain that can literally throw anything and make it a weapon.  "I will kill you with this Play-Doh."  Only the red color is deadly, the others just maim.  "I'm going throw this couch at you!"  Which he said to, Daredevil in issue #173, when he ran out of weapons.  He had already thrown the kitchen sink at him.

Sinestro is the archenemy of the Green Lantern.  Yellow is the color that hurts GL, unless it's the original Alan Scott, which was wood.  Of all things, wood?  Odd.  He is based on the actor David Niven, which if you know who that is off the top of your head, you're as old as I am.

Storm Shadow is the archenemy of G.I. Joe's Snake Eyes.  Storm Shadow was originally part of Snake Eyes' rock band, The Silence.  He left due to internal strife.  Storm Shadow wanted to be the lead singer, but Snake Eyes shook his head no, insisting he was, even though he didn't speak.  Lead Singer Disease in full effect.

Deathstroke is a total badass, but I hear he's really nice if you get to know him.  He's really sensitive about losing his eye, so he puts up a tough exterior.  But once you get around the swords, guns and him trying to kill you all the time, he's really sweet.  He just wants to do his gardening.

Loki is Thor's evil, mischievous brother.  He likes to get Thor in trouble with their dad, Odin as often as possible.  If you remember back to the Valhalla Bunch episode where the kids were playing ball in the house and "Thor" broke the Mom's favorite vase.  It was really Loki.  Then he scolds Thor with the line, "Mom, always said don't play ball in the house." 

Joker is probably not a guy you'd want to play poker against.  I'm sure he'd cheat and if you happened to beat him, there's no doubt he's a poor loser and would try to kill you.  Other than trying to kill Batman, his other hobbies include, I think he's just hell bent on killing Batman.  His favorite song is "Fireball" by Deep Purple.

Hopefully, I was at least entertaining.  Until next week, I am you humble narrator to the beginning of your weekend.  So Cheers, Happy Weekend!

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