Friday, February 4, 2011

Nine By Design 21

Better late than never.  Not that I really have a deadline to get posts up.  I just generally like to do it early in the day.  Real life got in the way this morning, as I had a couple errands to run.  Once again, I'm back for the weekly list of pop culture.  This week and next will really show off my nerdism (if it's not a word, it should be).  This week will be Heroes and next week will be the Villains of comic books.  I've always loved comics, just never really had enough cash to keep up with them.  I learned how to read at an early age due to comics.  You don't actually think your learning anything, then all of a sudden you know the history of most heroes and villains.  On with the list.

Batman - I love this drawing of Batman.  It shows him for what he really is at the core, a man.  He has no super powers, just superb athletic ability and intelligence.  Just a fascinating character, especially when done correctly.  As good as Christian Bale is as Batman, I've always felt that Michael Keaton's portrayal was the best.

Deadpool - Supposedly, will be coming to theaters sometime in the future.  Your guess is as good as mine.  Ryan Reynolds is rumored to be playing him and it's a great choice.  He portrayed Wade Wilson in the Wolverine movie, which is the real name of Deadpool.  Known as the "Merc With The Mouth."  He's a very fun character to read and could be the next movie franchise.

Green Lantern - Is another role that Ryan Reynolds is playing.  The movie will be premiering in the spring.  Green Lantern is a special effects wizards dream.  The possibilities are limitless for what he can come up with, since his powers are based on imagination and will power.  I hope that the movie will be good.  I want it to be amazing.

Longshot - Is a character you may be unfamiliar with.  He has luck based powers, both good and bad.  He would make occasional appearances in the X-Men Universe and was always really interesting.  Someone you will probably not see on a movie screen, but never say never.

Green Arrow - Both he and Green Lantern had some amazing adventures in the comics.  I could see Green Arrow be a great movie, depending on how it's written.  I think most people would say it's "Batman with a bow and arrow."  I can see the argument.  Maybe there will be a Justice League movie if Marvel is able to pull off the Avengers movie.

Archangel - If you remember The Angel from the third X-Men movie, this is what he would become later.  One of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, known as Death.  It was a great version of a character that was fairly harmless, being turned into a badass.

The Question - Is a really great character.  A conspiracy theorist, to the point where he is a little on edge and obsessed with them.  He tends to use ruthless methods to get what he wants.  Highly underrated character in the DC Universe.

 Iceman - I've always liked this character going back to the show, Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends in 1981.  I just thought it would be a cool power to have.  You briefly get to see him get completely frozen in the third X-Men movie.  

The Flash - There have been many incarnations of the Flash over the decades.  Each of them very interesting and different in their own right.  One of my all0time favorite super heroes.  Just loved reading the comics as a kid.  Again, it's one of those powers that would be cool to have.  Hopefully, we'll see him on the big screen someday.

I don't really think comics as nerdy anymore.  Not after most comic related movies make millions and millions of dollars.  Someone has to buy the tickets and it's not just comic book readers.  Check it out sometime.  I think some of the best writers in the world, write comic books.  You already know the art is going to be fantastic.  I bet if you go to your local store regularly, you'll see someone there you know personally.  It's a fun hobby to have.  See you next week.  Cheers, Happy Weekend!

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  1. I definitly want to watch Green Lantern, the previews looked awesome. I agree with you, Michael Keaton did portray Batman the best, followed by Val Kilmer and George Clooney, of course I only watched them because, well..they're all soo good looking! But definitly Jack Nickolson was the greatest JOKER!