Friday, February 18, 2011

Nine By Design 23

Somehow we've all made it through the week and once again we want to know what the Random 9 is this week.  I've had a long week.  It's been a headache filled week.  Feeling pretty good right now, hopefully I'll be headache free for the day.  It would be nice.  Today's Nine By Design is about one of my favorite sports, Hockey.  For me, my favorite sports are Baseball which is getting underway and Hockey, which is currently going full steam.  I was never really into Football and Basketball.  I don't mind them, but won't just watch any game.  A Boston team has to be playing for me to care even a little bit.  I'm the same way with Baseball and Hockey, but if a player is playing, that I don't get to see that often...I'll watch the game just for that player.  Usually, a National League baseball game or a Western Conference hockey game.  On with the show...

Hockey Players

Terry O'Reilly - since I'm starting off with the "Tasmanian Devil," you should know I'm not just going to be writing about the best players to ever play.  He just had a knack for being around the puck.  He's the definition of "blue collar" player.  He would do anything for a teammate.  Anything.

Mike Gartner - A name you may be unfamiliar with, but was one of the fastest skaters in NHL history.  If he got a step on the defender, he was gone.  Ranks sixth all-time in goals scored.  An amazing talent.

Ken Dryden - A Canadien???  As a Bruins fan, that's taboo, but I have always had huge respect for Dryden.  He only played 8 seasons, but what a fantastic 8 those were.  He just chose to do other things with his life, instead of play hockey.  It's very rare that a player of his skill and stature walks away from his sport at the height of his career.

Bob Probert - The late Bob Probert was arguably the toughest man to ever play in the NHL.  He could also put the puck in the net, but it wasn't really in his job description to score.  He fought and protected the stars of his team.  He did that very well.  He also fought all the other tough guys in the league. 

Tim Thomas - A goalie that is very different from other goalies.  Not blessed with extraordinary talent like Brodeur, Dryden or Roy.  Thomas is a "By any means necessary" type of goaltender.  Very unorthodox, but will do everything in his power to make the save.

Bobby Hull - Had one of the hardest shots ever.  A bull on skates.  If he had to fight, he would, but if you needed him to score a hat trick, he'd do that too.  His son, Brett passed him on the career goal scoring list, but I'm sure he would say his dad was better.

Mario Lemieux - Would he, could he, have broken some of Wayne Gretzky's records if he stayed healthy?  That will always be the question.  Super Mario didn't just miss games with injuries/cancer, he missed seasons.  I guess we'll never really know.  He always tormented the Bruins.

Wayne Gretzky - The all-time everything in professional hockey.  Statistically the best player to ever play the sport.  I loved watching him play.  In New England, we only got to see him a couple of times a year.  Just did everything correctly.  Knew where everyone was and what they were going to do.

Bobby Orr - As great as Gretzky was, he never changed his position like Orr did.  An offensive defenseman?  No one had ever heard of that before Orr.  Physically, better than anyone, always breathtaking.  There will never be another Orr.

There is this week's list.  Just a lot of fun hockey videos.  Hope you had fun reading.  See you next week with another list.  Cheers, Happy Weekend!!

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