Monday, March 28, 2011

This, That And The Other Thing - The Deuce


This past Saturday night was the show that I have been talking about for a little while.  I was going to bring my camera and review it for the blog, but then thought, forget it...I'm going to just have fun and enjoy the music.  Not everything I do has to be about the blog.  It was a good decision.  It was a great show, but more than that, I got to hang out and visit with some friends I don't see very often.  I feel like I'm on a farewell tour of social appearances with the baby on the way.  In reality, I don't go out really at all.  Of course, the night I go out...I have a cold.  I know, boo-hoo, poor baby.  I felt like hell.  If it wasn't for this show, I would've been unconscious.  I like to keep my commitments.  If I tell someone I'm going to be there, I go.  The brief 30 second review, Brian McKenzie also, formerly of Kilgore, plays a more "pop style" of country.  It's not my favorite, but he and his band we're very good at what they were doing.  The Throttles were out next and played extremely well, like always.  Really great musicians.  Jay Berndt came out to finish up and he should play out more.  I know he's over the whole touring thing, but he's a great performer.  It was great to see him with a full band.  It was nice room and hopefully, they will do more shows there.  


The radio show for those that have asked, should launch this week.  I don't exactly know what day, since I do the easy part of programming the show and talking.  The technical part is what is going on now.  Making sure my vocal breaks don't "clip," which I thought I was good about.  As soon as "Mr. Producer Man," has a schedule, I'll put it up here with a link and the playlist.  It'll be a stream, not a podcast.  You won't be able to fast forward.  It's under two hours, I think it'll come in around 1hr 45min, after all is said and done.  You get 30 excellent songs in that time.  I think this is the plan going forward.  I'm always looking for new bands to review/interview and now play on the radio show.  So, if you are or know one of those bands...get in contact with me.

Other Thing:

Since Opening Day for baseball is this week...


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