Friday, April 22, 2011

Nine By Design 32

Those aren't colored Easter eggs, although they do kinda look like that's good enough for me.  This weeks Nine By Design is all about Easter, well more specifically, the candy.  Easter has always meant candy to me, almost more so than Halloween.  Halloween, you have to dress up and walk around your neighborhood and work for that candy.  With Easter, the candy just shows up, because the "Easter Bunny" showed up and dropped it off.  (If you're reading this, I highly doubt you still believe in the Easter Bunny, if you're way more special than I'll ever be)  So, that's a pretty good deal right there.  Yes, by the way...I'm technically Catholic and know the whole deal of what it "really" means, but I'm Catholic in the sense that Michael Jackson was still black before he died.  I survived my upbringing and the Catholic boot camp.  Anyways, onto what this week's list is about; Candy!


Snickers - were probably my first favorite candy bar.  The caramel, nougat and peanuts, were tops with me for a long time.  Now, not so much.  I still like them, but would rather have others, if given a choice.

Reese's Peanut Butter Cups - might be the greatest candy ever made.  What works better than peanut butter and chocolate?  Especially, that peanut's just perfect with the milk chocolate.

Milky Way - I'm a big caramel nut.  So this candy bar ranks pretty high with me.  It's basically a Snickers minus the peanuts, but it's still different.  I'd say it's my number two favorite right now.

Bit-O-Honey - I'm going "old school" with this one.  It's not something you can find all the time.  I've had to go to specialty candy stores to find it.  It's a honey flavored taffy that has nuts, I think it's almonds, if I remember correctly in the pieces.  They are a favorite.

Swedish Fish - I'm Swedish, I'm supposed to like them.  One of those candies that once you eat one, you've eaten 40 of them.  They are small, chewy and addictive.

Gummi Bears - also small, chewy and addictive.  I only like the Haribo brand of gummi bear, because they are the originals.  They started in Germany in the 20's.  I remember walking through Epcot on my honeymoon and buying some gummi bears in the Germany section of the World Showcase.  It made my day.  I wish I was kidding.

Raisinets - they are one of those candies that you can pretend is healthy, because it's raisins.  Chocolate covered raisins, but still, better than most candies.  I know, not really, stop shaking your head at me.

Heath Bar - English toffee and chocolate, delicious.  I do like the candy bar, but prefer to eat my Heath bars in ice cream.  Heath Bar Crunch Ben & Jerry's, still a classic going strong.  I'm not a big ice cream fan, but that might be my favorite, if I had to choose one only one flavor to eat forever.

M&M's - most kinds are favorites.  Peanuts, plain and peanut butter, basically the old favorites.  I've seen some of the new kinds and I will stay away from those.  I'm a simple kind of guy.

This is the list for the week.  It's also what Easter means to me.  Don't give me any religious stuff, it's all in fun, plus if you're as religious as you think you are, then...forgive me, if I offend you.  Cheers, Happy Weekend...Happy Easter!

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