Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Life Of Riley

Alright folks, in my pursuit to not turn this blog into a DaddyBlog, here's another baby post.  Both of the girls in my life were cleared to go home late Sunday night.  That was a whirlwind of improvisation on par with Robin Williams and Drew Carey's crew.  Mommy had to get some sleep, because she's still recovering from the delivery, which was quick, but not exactly smooth.  I sat up with Riley, holding her and listening to one of our local radio station's play their fan voted Top 500 for Memorial Day weekend.  Thank you to all our soldiers past and present for your service...just wanted to get what I had been unable to get out on time.

In listening to the Top 500, which is mainly 60's to 80's rock music, I would explain to Riley about the songs we were listening to.  It kept her very calm.  Until we got to a Peter Frampton song.  She hates, "Show Me The Way."  Just lost her mind when that came on, but immediately relaxed after the song ended.  That's pretty much been our weekend.  We got some family visitors on Monday.  My Mom (Nona, which is what she's wants to go by), Camilla's Mom and Step Dad and Auntie and Uncle, with Brains and Viper.  Viper was mad because, Riley couldn't play with her yet and Brains held Riley for 23.739 seconds longer than she got.  Sibling rivalry...Brains is at least smart enough to check her Cheerios for poison in the morning.  Viper was definitely on the warpath, but also tired from a long day at the Children's Museum planning her world takeover.  I think she's already scouting Riley to be part of it.

I'm going to try to get my vocals recorded for this week's radio show, but I think I'm going to skip a week and get the new one out for next Wednesday.  Just an update for those of you that might go looking for it.

The Life of Riley will be a weekly update of the baby happenings in our life.  So, I can in theory keep this DaddyBlog stuff to a minimum...for now.  I have no doubt my life is going to dominated by my girls for the next 50 years.

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