Thursday, June 2, 2011

TV Wasteland

The summer time is or has been the TV Wasteland.  Basically, reruns or bad horrible television, but now, a lot of stations use the summer to show short/split seasoned shows.  Burn Notice, Leverage and White Collar fall into these type of shows and have been quite successful.  Plus, these are shows that I enjoy very much.

These are new shows are new or new to me.  I just started watching The Glades from A&E about a week ago.  The entire past season is On Demand through whatever cable/satellite provider you have.  The second season premieres on Sunday June 5th.  Jim Longworth is a homicide detective from Chicago and he thought he'd have an easier life if he moved to Florida.  Not so much.  It reminds me of a light and funnier, Magnum P.I. 

June 1st had two shows debut that I was also interested in.  Deception with Keith Barry and Franklin & Bash.

Keith Barry is an Irish closeup magician/mentalist.  He's basically a real life Patrick Jane.  He does some mind reading and show various other mentalist abilities, but then tells you what the real techniques he's using are.  I've been a big fan of magic and mentalism since I was a child.  The fact that he tells you what he's doing is just a bonus.  My wife and I were watching and trying to figure out his methods.  It's on Wednesday nights on the Discovery Channel.

Franklin & Bash stars Mark-Paul Gosselaar and Breckin Meyer.  It also stars Malcom McDowell (Hollywood Legend) and Reed Diamond (Homicide).  The cast is really strong.  I didn't get a chance to watch the entire debut, because truth be told, I was watching the Boston Bruins in the first game of the Stanley Cup Finals.  It's been 21 years since they've been there and almost 40 years since they have won it all.  The show is on TNT and they have had a pretty good track record of producing good television.  Leverage and The Closer are both proof of that.  I hope it becomes a hit.  It'll fill the void of the Defenders (Jim Belushi and Jerry O'Donnell) which was cancelled earlier this year.  I'm also a big fan of Breckin Meyer, he's one of those "good guys" that has never really gotten a huge break.  I hope this will be it for him.

I'll be watching these shows and others when they come back (the aforementioned ones at the top).

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