Friday, May 20, 2011

Nine By Design 36

Here we are, face to face, a couple of Silver Spoons...whoops...I wrote the first three words and that's what popped into my head.  36 weeks without a might all change once the wife goes into labor, which could be any time...literally.  I know you're having contractions, but I have to get this blog entry done...I don't think that would go over well.  Today's topic is:  Reality Shows, the non-network ones...the more educational kind.  I don't watch the god awful, Dancing With The Pseudo-Stars or American Idle...horrible stuff. 

Educational Reality Shows:

Mythbusters - It's just a cool show.  All of the hosts are funny in their own way and you learn so much in every episode.  A show that really appeals to everyone, well if you have an interest in learning things.

Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives - I love cooking-esque (if that's a word?) shows, you'll see more on the list I'm sure.  This show is great, because if something looks good on the show, you can go to the website and get the recipe.  Plus, I'm a sucker for diners, it beats fast food every day of the week and twice on Sunday.

I (Almost) Got Away With It - I don't know what it is about cop shows, but I love them.  It's pretty much what I watch on network episodic television.  This is real life stuff.  Where I learn how to be a better criminal and how to escape from jail. 
Lockup Raw - I used to watch the HBO show OZ when it was on.  It made me terrified of prison and this show reinforces that terror.  It really shows what the phrase, "Doing Time" means.  Just scary stuff.
Anthony Bourdain No Reservations - First of all, if you've never read his book Kitchen Confidential, what are waiting for?  You will learn so much about restaurants, you may never eat there again.  He travels all over the world and tells it straight.  Where to go if you're ever in that country and what to look for, plus gives you a lot of history while he's at it. 

Deadliest Catch - I've learned that I never want to do this for a living.  It really does take a special breed of person to do this for a career.  The ocean scares the crap out of me for various reasons, so this is extra scary for me. 

Gangland - A show that let's you know about the dirty parts of real life.  Hopefully, you'll never have a run-in with any of the gangs profiled.  The gang in this video, I've actually seen live and in action.  Extremely frightening and turned me off to rock shows in Boston.  I just won't go to see certain bands anymore.

Overhaulin - There are a bunch of  car/motorcycle shows on.  American Chopper and Street Customs are shows I've watched before, but they seem to be more about created drama.  This show is about repairing and "overhaulin" a car for someone, that can't or has been unable to do themselves.  Plus, Chip Foose designs it for you.

Top Gear - Last but, certainly not least...Top Gear.  A show for gear heads or for someone like me, that knows relatively little about cars, but still likes them.  You learn a lot about the cars they profile/test and it's done with a great sense of humor.  Highly recommended.  The original, not the American's just nowhere near the original.

There we have this week's list.  Reality based shows that will make you more intelligent, probably...not proven scientifically, but they are surely better than any of those revolting game/talent shows.  Cheers, Happy Weekend!

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