Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Live Your Life

Health emergencies can lead to many things.  Panic is usually the first on the list, because the unknown is scary.  People deal in their own ways.  Some fall apart, some step up their game and others fall somewhere in the middle.  You never really know how you're going to react until it's time and you're tested.  Words are said that might be better thought, than uttered. 

Transference of anger is a bitch.  I've done it most of my life.  If I'm mad about something, someone or a situation, the wrong person usually gets the brunt of it...the anger.  Even when you know that you are doing it, it doesn't change the fact you can't stop it.  I see a lot of that happening currently, thankfully not by me this time, but with others.  We're human, mistakes are made and emotions can play havoc with your thought process and actions.

One of my oldest friends is currently in the hospital and in pretty bad shape, but as always there's hope.  A better hospital, with probably, most likely, better doctors.  Rhode Island tends to scare me about their health care.  I'm originally from Massachusetts and some of the best hospitals in the USA are in Boston.  I'm bias, I guess.  I like living, you should to.  Times like these you start reflecting, which can both be good and bad.  Makes you look in the mirror a little. 

I'm just babbling now, because that's what these things tend to do to you.  You don't want to say/do the wrong thing and it doesn't help when you don't know what that might be.  Send positive vibes/thoughts my way and I'll send them along to him. 

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