Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Music Experiment - Part Who Knows? (The New Favorite Band)

ZZ Top

Granted she's only 3 months old, but she went nuts for ZZ Top earlier today.  I was watching a concert of theirs and she was kicking her feet and making all kinds of noise.  Wouldn't take her eyes off the I know she was paying attention.  If I walked by, her eyes would follow me, but then she'd realize that she wasn't watching the concert anymore...eyes right back on Billy Gibbons.  She has good taste already.

I know what you're thinking...of course she likes them and she'll like the Wiggles and Dora and a bunch of other kids music when she's introduced to them.  I'm not so sure. 

She still cries whenever Peter Frampton comes on the radio.  If she hears, "Baby, I Love Your Way" or "Show Me The Way" once more...I think she'll throw her bottle at the radio.

Poor Guy
This experiment will continue for a very long time.  If I can avoid kids music and pop junk forever with her...I will.

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