Friday, March 4, 2011

Nine By Design 25 - The 100th Post

Yes, this is the ultimate cop out.  This Nine By Design will be like the re-release of a CD or DVD.  You already own it, but you want to get it because there's 37 extra seconds of footage or 2 previously unreleased songs (that usually aren't that good).  It's the 25th version of Nine By Design and also the 100th post of the blog.  Since I have to prepare for a weekend trip (which is the real reason for this crappy post), let's get on with the list.

Nine By Design 25 - The Remix

When I Grow Up...I Want To Be... - It's the only entry I kept from the original blog.  I still think I was funny, even 20 years later.

Attack Of The Baby Brain - This was the first baby post on the blog. 

My Wife Can Eat More Than Your Wife - To go along with this, my wife was getting ready for bed last night.  She kept saying she wasn't feeling well.  She then had a large bowl of cereal and felt better.  She wants to stash food in the bedroom.

The Mohan Chronicles - I can still remember this like it was yesterday.  Now only if I actually went to class instead of doing stuff like this.
The Most Dangerous Job In The World - We went to Brains' 7th birthday party last weekend.  I hope my soon to be born daughter is as good as they are.  No, I'm not sucking up, nobody in my family reads this blog. 

101 Reasons: I Love Music - There will be another 101 Reasons coming soon.  It takes a lot of work to prepare it.

When Good Musicians, Go Horribly Wrong - It happens.  Way too often.  They need an intervention.

Nine By Design 8 - I wish MTV stayed the course instead of trying to develop shows.  Videos can be really good.  We all love videos. 

Nine By Design 12 - All of these albums are must owns.  So, it's the weekend...go buy them.  You'll thank me.

That's all for to pack and do other fun prep things.  See you next week.  Cheers...Happy Weekend!

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