Monday, June 13, 2011

What's Up Doc?

Let's see...My lack of sleep has led to some inspiration for the blog.  I'm working on some projects for the blog here.  I'll be doing a top (so many, haven't decided a number yet) favorite albums for each decade starting with the 60's and finishing with the 00's.  I'm thinking 40 is a good number.  Kinda like the old Top 40 countdown with Casey Kasem.  These will be according to there will be no rhyme or reason why some of the albums I have picked are here, other than I like the album.  Also, the counterbalance to that would be, I may not include some albums that "I'm supposed to have" on the list.  Which I despise when I read lists of albums.  They are always the same.  So, I'm just trying to do something a little different.  Just personal preferences.

Off The Beaten Path #5 should (barring some more problems, technical or weather related) run at it's usual time on Wednesday June 15th at 12PM ET.  I've already started working on show #6. 

There will be plenty more, Life of Riley entries, but she's 17 days old.  She doesn't do a whole lot yet.  Right now, I'm going to try to get back to bed, while she's sleeping.  Have a good one!

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